SolderCore CPU with Interactive and Internet-enabled CoreBASIC Interpreter



The SolderCore is a revolutionary embedded development platform in the Arduino form factor based upon a modern, peripheral-rich, 32-bit (ARM Cortex-M3) microcontroller. The standard SolderCore comes pre loaded with a complete and sophisticated BASIC interpreter called CoreBASIC. We believe the combination of quality hardware and software will offer a developer experience like never before.


In addition to the standard Arduino interfaces the SolderCore provides USB OTG (micro AB) and 10 or 100mbps Ethernet (RJ45).  SolderCore adds new peripheral support to the Arduino platform including I2S, CAN and a second I2C port.  Furthermore the board also supports a number of storage devices including microSD and FRAM. SolderCore is compatible with existing Arduino Shields and the hardware design will be available under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial license.


  • Arduino Form Factor
  • Based upon a 80 MHz Cortex-M3
  • 512KB Flash, 96KB contiguous RAM
  • Built in Ethernet support with an on-board RJ45 connector.
  • USB OTG support with an on board microAB connector.
  • On board microSD holder.
  • Support for additional Flash and FRAM devices.
  • CAN, I2S, 2xI2C, UART, PWM, ADC, SPI and QEI supported
  • On board standard 10 way SWD JTAG header. (Only fitted to the Commando variant)
  • Power can be supplied via USB or the barrel jack (6V – 9V DC).
Note: Not all hardware peripherals are currently supported by CoreBASIC, please refer to the CoreBASIC manual for details of CoreBASIC hardware drivers.



The SolderCore was designed in conjunction with CoreBASIC.  CoreBASIC is a programming language for embedded micro controllers. It's easy to use, it's powerful, and most of all it's interactive.


  • High level BASIC language designed for ease of use.
  • Lightning fast, based upon CoreOS and highly optimised TCP/IP and FAT software stacks.
  • Support for over 50 plug-in shields, from third-party vendors.
  • Complete self-contained development environment accessed using FTP or web browser.
  • Simple update feature so you have access to the latest revision.
  • Rich set of math functions:
    • Complex Numbers.
    • Trigonometry, Hyperbolic and logarithmic functions.
    • Matrices.
    • Quaternions.
  • Network support (SMTP, HTTP, FTP, DNS, TELNET plus more).
  • Vector graphics support.
  • Mass storage support.
To get a feel for CoreBASIC head on over to the live demo.

Technical Details:

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