CoreBASIC is a complete development environment that runs on the SolderCore. To begin developing with CoreBASIC, you open up a Telnet session to the SolderCore. Using a network connection enables you to write code from any PC or mobile device that is able to run a telnet client, so it really doesn't matter if you own a PC, a Mac, or an Android handset... you will be able to write code for the SolderCore.

Programs that you write on the SolderCore can be saved to the uSD card. CoreBASIC supports FAT, so any data saved to the uSD card can be exchanged with your computer.


What Makes CoreBASIC so Special?


Well apart from being ridiculously fast, it's incredibly easy to use and packed full of features. V1 comes with support for over 70 plug-in shields and sensors, making interfacing into additional hardware a breeze. CoreBASIC is able to update itself over the Internet (and in some cases even update plug-in shields) so it's able to cope with the ever increasing range of hobbyist boards.

CoreBASIC is very Ethernet-orientated. Apart from editing using a telnet session and upgrading over Ethernet, CoreBASIC uses the network connection to retrieve example code, direct from our server. For example, perhaps you would like a demonstration of interfacing an HMC5883L magnetometer from Honeywell. Well just type in EXAMPLE "compass.bas" at the CoreBASIC prompt. CoreBASIC, if connected to the network, will check our server to see if the example exists and then downloads it directly to your SolderCore. When finished, you can type LIST to see the code, RUN to execute, or SAVE "/c/name.bas" to save the code the uSD card.

For a complete list of available examples please click here.

For those with an interest in mathematics, CoreBASIC is packed full of features, the usual suspects are there including basic arithmetic, trigonometric, hyperbolic, and logarithmic functions but also there is support for complex numbers, matrices, and even quaternions.

Support for driving the SolderCore hardware features is provided including, GPIO (digital and analog), I2C, SPI, UART and Ethernet.

CoreBASIC is a great way to get started into the world if embedded engineering, it's fun, easy to use and well documented, it really does help you Unlock Your Ideas.

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